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From the Internet to the table – SEO tips for restaurant owners

We already know that SEO is extremely important factor for success in many fields, especially e-commerce. However, you can find people here and there who believe that Google rankings aren’t their concern. They are mostly entrepreneurs engaged in brick-and-mortar types of business, including restaurants and dining places. If you are one of them, you have to be aware, that local SEO is a thing. Your competitors competitors probably already know this and in fact, they might already be serving clients who could have been yours. Check out a few tips from us and learn how you can get the upper hand.


  1. Local SEO – find the right keywords
  2. Google Business Profile – fill it and maintain it
  3. Make your website comfortable

Local SEO – find the right keywords

Having a group of loyal and returning customers is the dram of every restaurant owner. Wherever you can achieve it or not, depends on people’s experience once they visit your establishment. But how are you going to make them come to you in the first place? The first thing you have to realize is how people look for places to eat. Nowadays it’s mostly through the Internet. So you have to make yourself easy to find. Take care of your online website and optimize for the right keywords. Google will then lead clients to you.

A local business requires local keywords. Think about what kind of phrases users can type while thinking about business like yours. Do you serve a popular dish? Then simple keywords like “pizza” or “sushi” can be the best choice if you add city’s name or district to the mix. This way, your site can appear in SERP when someone types “dish x near me”.

Or maybe you want customers who seek a specific kind of experience and are willing to type phrases like “fine dining” or “home cooking”. Check with SEO tools and see if people look for the phrases you’ve chosen. If you verify them, add them to your content and use them in title and description tags. This increases your chances of becoming visible.

Google Business Profile – fill it and maintain it

One of the worst things you can do as local business owner is to neglect your Google Business Profile. It’s a useful free tool form Google that allows your business information to be found in Search and Maps. Fill it whit important data, such as your location, type of services you provide and business hours. Make sure that information are valid and up to date. Use it to share with customers your actual menu, post about new dishes or events. It will make your business seem more trustworthy.

Source: brightlocal.com

Another important feature, in terms of online authority, is opinions section in Google Business Profile. Make sure your customers are satisfied and hope for them to leave a few kind words. You can also politely ask them to rate their experience. And what about those less pleased with your place? If you see they left unfavorable opinion, you should respond. Remember to be courteous in your replies. Whether it's a positive or negative review, thank people for taking the time to write about you. Offer to address any possible issues and invite them again. It will pay off way better than being rude and offensive.

Make your website comfortable

Ranking well in the SERPs is not enough to attract paying customers. You have to take care for your site and make sure it’s as comfortable for users as your tables and chairs. It should be easy to navigate and, most importantly, mobile-friendly. Many people search for nearby places to eat on their phones. Give them easy access to your menu and localization. It may also be smart to let them order dishes with delivery online through your site. This feature has been gaining popularity recently, so it's definitely worth considering.

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